Understand the brand behind yours

Not to brag, but we think our brand is pretty special. We believe that small businesses deserve support - Especially when they're first starting out. Immersively Created is a one man band, but hopes to expand to the edges of the world to capture all of the unique talent that is out there.


Fostering an environment in which our clients and employees feel heard and understood is our top priority.


We believe that together, we can change the world. Feeling empowered and supported can take you miles into the future.


Passion drives all of us to be better entrepreneurs, friends, coworkers, and more by putting in the work and having incredible drive.


All walks of life are beautiful. Different cultures, religions, sexual orientations, races, and more makes a unique world.

Immersively Created started out like any other business: a woman with a dream. Long nights, hard work, and investigative imagination all lead to the most innovative business in the media field. 

We believe in small businesses and everything they do for the world. Our founder started her career working internships, going to school full time, and holding a position at a non profit full time. Our company was built on hard work, so we understand your desire to succeed.

Mother and Son
Business Colleagues

Great companies are built on the backs of amazing employees. At Immersively Created, we believe that dedication and hard work builds revolutionary creations. With our extensive background in content creation specifically for start-ups and small businesses, we're here to make your brand stand out amongst your competitors. 

So let's start an idea together. Let's build your dream brand together. Most importantly, let's join together to make a better world for all, starting with you. 

Meet The Team

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Emme Chadwick

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CEO and Founder


Alan Mendoza

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COO and Idea Reciever


Grace Wardin

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Social Media Manager and Outreach Coordinator



Mascot and Designated Treat Disposer



Mascot and Nap Officiant



Mascot and Esteemed Bug Catcher