How to Create Captivating Video Content

You might think you need a film degree or expensive studio equipment to make super awesome video content, but that’s not the case these days! Video is proven to captivate a viewer’s attention better than any other marketing method, and knowing how to create professional, engaging video content is key to becoming a successful social media guru. It’s not as difficult as you might think to learn the basics of video content and use it to make a strong impact on your viewers and followers. So, where should you start?

Grab Their Attention!

Video content has been proven to be the best attention-grabbing technique because it’s the most interactive form of engagement. When you start creating video content, you’ll need to incorporate attention grabbers that will be interesting, while still supporting the general message of the content and what exactly you’re trying to get across to your audience. Some of the best ways to grab your viewers’ attention are to use the following:

  1. “How To …”

  2. “How Not To …”

  3. “Top 10 …”

  4. Using catchy and over-the-top words

  5. Videos guaranteeing success

  6. Tutorials

  7. Ultimate guides

  8. Personal stories

What’s the Story?

Video storytelling is a marketing tactic that uses the naturally engaging video format to tell a story about a brand, company or product. Storytelling is at the heart of any successful video. By telling a story that people can connect with on a personal or emotional level, you are much more likely to engage, motivate, persuade and connect with your audience, all while gaining their trust. People are much more likely to engage with content that they feel “speaks to them.” Give them a story they’ll remember by using this process:

  • Plot: What story do you want to tell? What is its structure? (Impactful stories typically consist of an introduction, conflict or complication, and resolution.)

  • Purpose: Why do you want to convey this story to viewers, and what do you want them to do afterward?

  • People: Who are the main characters in your video story? How do they relate to your audience?

  • Place: What’s the main location for the video, and how does that place shape the video narrative?

  • Audience: Who will primarily see this video? Will they be new customers, potential customers, employees or another group?

  • Distribution method: How will you share the video story with others, and where will it be hosted (YouTube, your website, social media platforms, etc.)?

Quality Graphics

Stunning visuals are at the base of a powerful piece of content. Most cameras nowadays are high resolution, including many smartphone cameras, making it easy and convenient to create high-quality video clips from the palm of your hand. The majority of beginner & intermediate video content creators will start with capturing video content from their phone, and then transfer it to their computer to edit it with a video-editing software program, such as iMovie, After Effects, or Adobe Premiere Pro. Those who are more advanced and have some background in video editing will use a professional camera to record their content and then transfer it over to be edited.

Check out this beginner’s guide to motion graphics to get started. And don’t forget about the vast video treasure trove that is YouTube. Search for any sort of video graphics related tutorial you can think of, and you’ll probably find a good match.

You Got This!

It will certainly take some time and effort to create captivating video content curated for your viewers, but it will get easier the more you do it. Success can pay off in the form of thousands of views - and maybe even a viral video! On top of more views and extended reach, you’ll see increased brand recognition and so much more. Even if you have a modest budget, it’s worth seeing what your video content options are and how you can use them to boost your brand and customer engagement levels. You'll quickly realize why video content is the most captivating form of engagement once you get started! Get ready for more likes, comments, and shares once you hop on the video train.