Pros & Cons of Canva Graphic Design Templates

I think it’s important to preface this article by saying that we are not Canva haters at Immersively Created, but we have formed some opinions about it along the way and would like to share them with those who are looking into Canva and if it’s worth it for them or not.

Many in the graphic design community have voiced their distaste for A.I related products or pre-made templates because it takes away from the diversification that graphic designers bring to their clients. Though, is it worth it for small businesses who don’t have the budget?

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Pros Of Canva Designs

As stated, Canva holds many good qualities for designers and business owners alike and can be a great source of inspiration and information. Embracing Canva can truly help you, but keep in mind the drawbacks that come with a highly popularized platform.

  1. Budget friendly options: One of the best things about Canva is that it’s free to use. You have the choice to either upgrade your account or to use their limited design templates and vector images for free. This can be seen as both a pro and con which we’ll cover later on.

  2. Time saver… Sometimes: Sometimes? Sometimes. If you’re new to the business world and you’re looking for a quick template to replace with your own colors then yes, it’s a time saver. If you want something more unique or original it could take a while to sort through the templates to find a free one or one that has not been overused.

  3. Easy user friendly interface: If a program is easy to use, then you can guarantee it will become instantly popular, which is exactly what happened with Canva. It’s intuitive program lets you drag and drop, resize, and choose from font combinations that go well together.

  4. Many designs to choose from: If you have the upgraded pro account, there are many designs to choose from. LinkedIn covers, business cards, flyers, almost anything you could imagine, Canva will have it.

  5. Good inspiration: If nothing else, Canva serves as a good source of inspiration for small business owners and graphic designers alike. Instead of scrolling through Pinterest and finding out dated designs, Canva might be a good resource to utilize.

The Bad and Ugly of Canva Templates

Whew, we covered the great things about Canva now it’s time for the not so great things. Many designers will tell you that Canva creates an over saturated market and essentially takes away creativity by streamlining it all. We don’t necessarily disagree with this statement but we also believe that somewhere, there is a happy medium for us all.

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  1. Lacks originality: The biggest downside to Canva is the overall lack of uniqueness. With millions of subscribers both free and paid, it has become wildly popular and their designs with it. If you want true creativity and spirit brought to your social media, logo, or business in general then Canva is not the place to go.

  2. Time consuming: This goes off of point 2 in the pros section, Canva can only be seen as saving time if you have the upgraded paid options. Also, it can be increasingly more difficult to find a design that has not been overused and saturated by others. If you’re unsure of how proper design elements flow on a page and find yourself staring at a blank Canva template completely frustrated, you’re not alone. Many have also faced this problem.

  3. Limited options with budget friendly choices: “But you said there are many designs to choose from!” I know, but if you have a free account that’s not the reality. You have extremely limited options and this can often be frustrating if you find the perfect design only to find out you can’t use it or edit it. It’s not just templates that are limited as well, their icons, stock images, vector images, stock footage, design elements, and more are restricted. Additionally, you'll find that their designs are used many millions of others.

  4. No branding: When starting your business branding is extremely important. You want everything to be unique, fresh, and most of all original to you and your brand. This sets you apart from the rest and gives you a step up. Using templated Canva logos makes your brand ‘just like the rest’ and you definitely don’t want that.

  5. No customization: Let’s face it, when making your brand for your business you want that original flair and customization to it. With Canva, you won’t be able to use any specialized fonts or vector image files (which is important for logos). Also, you may be stuck with the same redundant elements in your posts. Instead, work with a designer to help incorporate Canva and your own branding.

When it comes down to it, Canva lacks originality but can be useful for many different reasons. When asking yourself if you should use Canva or a designer… Why not both? Let your graphic designer know that you’ll be using Canva for blog images, Facebook covers, and more so that you have a plan you’re able to use alongside Canva.

Choosing a graphic designer for your logo and branding is a vital first step in your business branding journey, and is something Immersively Created LLC knows all about. If you want custom vector illustrations, icons, graphics, logos, and more then look no further and book a consultation with us today! It’s free!