Top 10 Killer Social Media Content Ideas

We’ve all been there. Staring at a blank screen just wondering what in the world we should be posting on our social media accounts. Coming up with clever captions or unique content can be difficult for most small businesses. When it comes to social media and content creation ideas, being true to your brand identity and capturing your audience is essential. Though, this doesn’t have to be a mountain to climb!

Why Branding Your Business Is Important

Branding your business lets your customers and potential partners know what your brand is about. When we think about top-tier brands such as Nike, we know what their colors, slogan, and logo are. At least, you should. Regardless, these companies that have made a name for themselves have stayed true to their origins and used an authentic voice throughout their marketing.

Nike logo swoosh

Going off our Nike example, they promote their brand to be the best sports shoe out there. Who is the best at sports? Professional athletes. By using professional athletes to market their brand for them, it’s not only solidifying their message but also telling their audience that if it makes Lebron James perform well, it can do that for you too.

Now, we’re not saying you need to go out and find Serena Williams and have her market your business. What we are saying is that consistency is key in the content creation industry. Branding makes your company relatable and provides a message that people can get behind. If Nike never had their famous slogan or traditional swoosh, would they be the same company they are today? That’s the big question, folks.

Top 10 Content Creation Ideas For Social Media

Think big with your brand. If you’re stuck, you’re in the right place but there are ways to help you brainstorm ideas for your social media accounts. We’re huge believers in Pinterest because any ‘aesthetic’ you can think of, Pinterest will likely have dozens of ideas for your social media. We rest our case, but if you’re looking for something of your own, read on.

1. Did you know facts:

It’s not just us, everyone loves a solid “did you know” fact on social media. This is popular on Instagram or can be turned into an infographic for Pinterest if that’s your thing.

2. Giveaways:

We know, we know. Giveaways are so last year. They aren’t though! A good giveaway can happen at any time, but extra points for you if it’s a “Giveaway if we reach 200 followers” type post. This will not only drive traffic but get your followers up.

3. Promos:

Have a blog? Promote it! Podcast? Promote it! Guest on another channel? That’s right, promote it! Any type of content your company puts out can be promoted. Even if you get a new ice cream flavor or just stocked a new product. Promote this item multiple times, staggered throughout the upcoming weeks or months.

4. Mood Mondays, Motivational Monday, Wisdom Wednesday:

The list can go on and on with fun matching names for days of the week and there’s a good reason! It’s catchy, easy to remember, and gives you content you can count on producing each week.

5. Hype posts:

This can tie into the promo posts quite nicely. Be careful as these “hype” posts are before the launch and the promos will be after. If you have something upcoming for your business, let people know about it in advance, don’t wait till the last minute to inform your customers.

6. Outside industry posts:

Why would you promote another person’s blog? Well, it’s important because it improves your SEO and shows you’re knowledgeable about your industry. These types of posts do particularly well on LinkedIn since that platform loves networking.

7. Fun facts about your industry:

You can find fun facts just about everywhere about everything. These can also be directly related to your company, such as, “Fun fact: Our company loves Immersively Created and we think they’re great.” It’s factual and fun at the same time, you get the gist.

8. Recruitment posts:

This is not an open call for employment, but rather an open call for your newsletter on Mail Chimp, booking a consultation, releasing your schedule, whatever it may be that gets clients to your booking page is well worth the effort.

9. Behind the scenes:

Do you ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of your favorite company? What makes you unique? Highlight a behind-the-scenes post of your company. Can’t think of anything? Get on a zoom call and have people hold up a picture of their pet and take a screenshot. Anything goes and people love pets, sounds like a win-win situation to us.

10. Employee highlights:

Do you love your employees? Duh! Show them off on your social media. Have members of departments fill out a form and submit their favorite picture of themselves. Then, post away on your social media platforms. This makes your company personable and gives a small boost of morale to your employees.

I know you want more content ideas from us, who wouldn’t! If you’re looking for social media assets, copywriting, or other content be sure to book a call with us. We’re here to help brands find their voice and become the best versions of themselves. These top 10 social media content ideas can work for any business, but remember to just be creative and put your best foot forward.