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Top Graphic Design Trends of 2022

It would take us days - heck, maybe even weeks - to get through all of the new and emerging trends in the realm of graphic design, so let’s just highlight a few of the most prominent and awe-inspiring ones for now. All of these trends are meant to create that “thumb-stopping content,” AKA something that makes the user stop their mindless scrolling and go, “WOAH!” So, let’s dive deeper into how to create that captivating and stop-in-your-tracks design content.

Leave Dormant at the Door

Static content is getting way less popular when it comes to graphic design. Sure, it might be easier to create a quick and simple non-animated design, but that’s not going to capture the attention of most people these days. This is especially true for the younger generation who might be spending multiple hours each day scrolling through their feeds, seeing the same old basic, static Canva templates over and over again. They need to see something lively and invigorating! So, how can you get their attention?

Artsy Animation

If your content is moving on the screen, it gets the viewers’ minds moving more as well, which leads to more engagement, clicks, and leads, especially if you’re trying to increase and maintain brand awareness. Anything short of an animated graphic is a missed opportunity nowadays. From Mixing 2D and 3D effects together, animating logos, morphing images, and other hybrid techniques, it’s a no-brainer to use animation in your design strategies. So, let’s MOVE! If you need some inspiration on how to get started, check out this article, “100 Awesome Motion Graphic Examples You’ll Wish You Made.”

Fonts that Move!

If you’re not quite ready to create fully animated graphics yet, try starting out with some moving fonts to get your feet off the ground. Kinetic typography can help unveil messages through motion; your fonts can truly come to life! Make a letter bounce, flip it upside down, or make a word flash different colors while it’s alternating sizes from big to small. Again, this can really captivate your audience who might be dauntlessly scrolling, just waiting for something to stimulate their fried-out neurons. Here are some super stellar examples to inspire you and your newly-expressive font designs.

Liquid Motion

The liquid motion trend is much more specific and includes more work than just simple animations or moving fonts. This technique creates movements rendered to have a water-like quality and consistency. Ebbing and flowing from ripples to waves, these animations resemble 1960-style psychedelic, kaleidoscopic art with an awesomely-modern twist. Combined with twisted and swirly typography, this trend mirrors moving liquid. If you’re willing to take the plunge and start creating liquid motion animations, be sure to check out this video that provides cosmically-inspiring ideas.

Dazzle Your Audience While Raising Awareness

Creating a design that sprouts from true creativity and beams delicate - or bold - beauty can be a lot of work and might take some serious time, but it’ll be totally worth it once viewers see it (possibly with a tear in their eye). As they say, beauty is pain. Whether it’s the thought you put into an alluring design, the emotion you add to the underlying message you’re trying to get across, or just the overall man-hours you incorporate into a design, it can be a bit harrowing to get the true feeling of beauty across. Here are a couple current trends designers are taking advantage of to express their creativity and exponentially-beautiful ideas.


You might recall last year being “the year of the gold.” Everyone was using gold, gold and…well, gold, in their designs. Now, the digital landscape has officially expanded, and we’ve evolved to multicolored glass- and crystal-based designs. Who knows if this was destined to happen in the graphic design universe, or if it’s because a lot of Gen Z’ers and Millennials are obsessed with crystals and healing stones (calling myself out here). Nonetheless, think of it this way: you want to create glassy, crystal-inspired designs that make people want to reach for your brand because it’s sleek, sparkly, and magnificent. On another note, it might also trigger certain scrollers to think, “dang, I need to order some more rose quartz.”

This trend incorporates superb realism particularly in 3D art, and it can bring your designs to the next level while keeping up with competitors, who - let’s be real - are probably already using this trend. Specific ways to reach these particular design standards are through riso print and dot printer effects, glass and crystal overlays (“glass morphism”), statement patterns, grungy, rough textures, bold colors and irregular geometric shapes, torn paper and paper “cutouts.”


As we get closer to obtaining more awareness for the environment that literally sustains our existence (make sure you recycle that plastic straw), there’s undoubtedly been an increase in eco/environment-focused designs. This is particularly true for organizations that sell physical products and want to make a difference with their ecological footprint. Artistic approaches to raising awareness for our environment raise important questions which have to be faced by all designers of urban spaces, gardens or landscape: whether to conserve or to intervene.

Although environmental concerns aren’t anything totally new…it’s certainly a trend that will only intensify as time passes (at least we can hope). Creating designs that include different shades of green can be a good start. This is a great way to work your aesthetically-pleasing skills and dazzle your audience. Additionally, accounting what the current and future state of the environment means to you can surely make a difference in the perspectives of those viewing your designs. Beauty doesn’t just have to be in the designs; it can be shown through your overall message as well.

A Design Revolution

Whether it's diving deeper into animated graphics or adding more "design dazzle" to further inspire your audience, it's clear that 2022 has a plethora of new trends in store for graphic designers. There's no slowing down now! If you'd like some help establishing your brand through graphic design, including animation and logo creation, don't hesitate to contact us at Immersively Created! We offer a ton of professional creative services that will be sure to bring your brand to the next level.

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