Why Branding Your Small Business Is Important

Many small business owners, when they start, have a general idea of what they want their company to look like. Although, many fail to see the importance of branding their small business and how it can attract more customers. Consistent branding across all active platforms builds a trustworthy brand that people can count on.

What Is Branding

It doesn’t help much to go on your branding journey if you’re not sure what branding is! Branding can include a multitude of things such as:

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  • Logo

  • Messaging

  • Visuals

  • Website

  • Fonts and Color Palettes

  • Purpose or values

Each of these key components builds the face of the company and gives customers something to remember your business by. Branding is how your small business wants to be portrayed and you can control that narrative.

Why Do Businesses Use Branding?

It’s no secret that branding is an important part of your journey as an entrepreneur, but why do businesses use branding? It helps give the company a foundation to start on and to hit the ground running. For example, if you own a small bakery on the corner of your town and you have no logo, eye-catching colors, clever name, or those cute dessert boxes that you wrap your treats in, many customers may not know who you are or what you do.

Additionally, providing consistent branding helps you stand out from your competitors and makes you unique while achieving your target audience. Business branding ideas come in all shapes and sizes, and so long as it’s consistent with who your company is and wants to be, there are a million ways you can convey your message.

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How Consistent, Branded Content Helps Your Business

Going back to our bakery example (because who doesn’t love a good bakery?), let’s say one month you decide to have a cinnamon roll as your logo. Your dessert boxes are branded with it along with the company name “Sweetly Rolled.” Pretty good name for thinking on our feet… right?

Everything that is coming out of your bakery that has these specific business markers is traveling around with your customers. Carol buys some of your cinnamon rolls for work and everyone is raving about them and more importantly, asking where she got them.

Now, Carol may not remember the exact location of your shop but she does remember your awesome logo made by Immersively Created and your business name. People put it on their bucket list and make plans to visit next month.

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As the months pass you think that you want to change your logo, name, and colors. Then another week passes by and you change your colors again. Then your logo. Then you think maybe you want to change your name back. See the confusion arising?

Now, we aren’t saying rebranding is not the way to go, because that can have benefits within itself. The thing to remember is how you go about your rebranding, the timing, and the messaging behind it. To learn more about social media ideas click here.

Business Branding Ideas

Now the fun part of branding! Brainstorming ideas at the start of your branding campaign can greatly assist you in the direction you would like to take and the outcomes you want to see. Plan and don’t rush into it. Be sure you like the path you’re going down and ultimately, keep these goals in mind.

  1. Give your logo a modern look

  2. Perfect your social media presence and content

  3. Create and customize your color palette

  4. Plan your ad campaigns

  5. Take time to know your customer

  6. Determine your brand personality

  7. Develop a positive business culture

These are all ways in which you can start thinking about how your brand is important to you, why your audience should care about your business and will help keep you on track with consistency and timelessness. Check out this free downloadable branding guide!